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GamBlock® for Android Devices (Phones and Tablets)

No one else need know. Easily installed on your own.

Only GamBlock® can be installed on Android by you alone without others needing to know. GamBlock® is not reliant on loved ones or friends. GamBlock® is independent, private and secure.

GamBlock® easily installs and is only a matter of one or two touch selections. Touch "Activate" and, if prompted, touch to agree.

Furthermore, each time you to want to change block level selections and make them irreversible, you don’t need to ask someone else. Others may not have the level of technical knowledge required to ensure your device is absolutely blocked from gambling. GamBlock® takes care of everything and you are always ahead.

Easy to install, cannot be removed and easy to uninstall after a licence period.

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The pricing information below is displayed during the download process. This information is for those who are not viewing this page on an Android device.
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