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iPhone and iPad Self-Exclusion

GamBlock® Comprehensive - My Device

We set it up for you on your device.

Self-Exclusion. No one else need know.

Not reliant on loved ones or friends. Completed on your own. Independent, private and secure.

GamBlock® is always up to date.

You don't need to do anything. Use your device like before.

The device will be exactly the same as if GamBlock® was not on it. No special browsers or other software is needed.

Survives a factory reset.

Use the device, including Safari, like any other iPhone or iPad.

Using Safari Video

Steps to Purchase

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  • 2. Summary
  • 3. Agreements
  • 4. Final Purchase

Number of iPhones / iPads

Membership Period

Block Sports Scores

Block Bitcoin Sites

Block Stock Trading

Block Borderline Apps

Gamblock® blocks gambling apps. Some apps are not overtly focused on gambling or require technical expertise to enable gambling. Some customers consider blocking apps such as Facebook as over-blocking. Others wish to block apps that allow gambling in any way.

Counselor ID (Two months extra protection):

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One Year

Please read the following very carefully:

I use Windows computers only; for example an ASUS, Lenovo or the like, or don't use a computer.
My device has iOS 10.11 or greater installed and I have access to a Mac computer running OS 10.12.22 or above, and a cable to connect it with my device.
All important data will be backed up as a factory reset is performed. Restore from a backup using iTunes or iCloud is blocked. However, we can provide alternative means of backup. Your device is used as a new device.