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Managed Exclusion for Android Devices (Phones and Tablets)

Installed by another person and easy to uninstall after a membership period.

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If you do not have Samsung device, then someone else will need to set up GamBlock® Managed Exclusion for you. However, GamBlock® Managed Exclusion will also work on a Samsung device.

Number of Devices

Membership Period in Months

Block Sports Scores

Block Bitcoin Sites

Block Stock Trading

Counselor ID (Two months extra protection):

Managed Exclusion
Membership Period
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Only press "Continue" if somone else is available to set up GamBlock® Managed Exclusion.

The button to continue only appears if accessed via the GamBlock® purchase app on a compatible device. We do this to ensure your satisfaction by making sure you receive the correct product for your device. Android operating systems can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, model, carrier and retailer. Purchase and download will continue via the GamBlock® app, to determine the best solution for your device.

Touch here to download the GamBlock® Purchase app. Make sure "Settings > Security > Unknown sources" or similar is selected before continuing.