Gamblock® - We block access to Online Gambling

GamBlock® Mobile for Android Devices (Phones and Tablets)

GamBlock® Self-Exclusion for Samsung

These instructions can be completed by the person being protected.




You will be prompted to install GamBlock® Self-Exclusion for Samsung and then touch "SECURE DEVICE" until "Activate device administrator?" is displayed.






Touch "Confirm" if you are prompted to do so.

Be patient while waiting for your device to restart. It can take over a minute on some devices.


GamBlock® Divergence Self-Exclusion for Android

These instructions can be completed by the person being protected.


Product installation varies as non-Samsung devices can be highly customised by providers in different locations. Please contact us if you have any questions.


GamBlock® Managed Exclusion for Android

These instructions must be completed by someone other than the person being protected.


Uninstall all gambling apps.


Apart from the GamBlock® Browser, make sure all browsers, Google Play and Settings apps are locked off.

Please note: Google Play and all settings are available with GamBlock® Self-Exclusion on Samsung devices, except for factory reset. Any apps can be downloaded on Google Play, except for gambling apps, with GamBlock® Self-Exclusion.


You must register GamBlock® to keep using it.


Open the GamBlock® Browser.


After a while you will be prompted to register.


Make sure you enter the exact Transaction ID and email address entered at purchase. Otherwise the device may be seen as unauthorised.


You can also register at any time by following these instructions.