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Prepare Your PC

Repair my Malware Corrupted Computer

GamBlock® is continually tested by independent Microsoft Certified Professionals and CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Technicians (Wintel Hardware and Microsoft Windows operating systems).

GamBlock® functions exactly as described if the instructions on this site are followed and Check my PC is used to help us help you remove malware.

The help programs recommended to GamBlock® by Microsoft Certified Professionals do not cost GamBlock® Personal users any money and will help protect your PC, money and personal details. Some of the products mentioned on the links below specifically target the damage that can occur as a result of spyware and the like, which can destabilise an operating system and compromise your personal information.

To get the most from GamBlock®, a computer should be repaired from exposure to crimeware, which can enter a computer in nanoseconds. The steps are simple for users who are computer literate enough to gamble online.

GamBlock® has no affiliation with any of the products mentioned in the links below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.