Gamblock® - We block access to Online Gambling

GamBlock® Corporate (Multiple Licence)


GamBlock® Corporate protects staff, students and visitors

GamBlock® Corporate gives businesses, Government Departments, Colleges, Libraries and other institutions the assurance that online gambling cannot be conducted from their facilities by their staff, students or visitors.

GamBlock® Corporate uses sophisticated analyses that block new gambling sites and software. After your System Administrator has installed GamBlock® Corporate, a potentially vulnerable time for staff (GamBlock® does not endorse the opinions given in the video), students or visitors is eliminated.


GamBlock® Corporate is deployed and controlled by a System Administrator. The System Administrator copies GamBlock® Corporate to a folder on each workstation that company non-Administrators cannot access.

Internet Cafes

You may wish to use a server orientated deployment product such as Altiris if you are using a large number of computers.

Thin Clients

GamBlock® Corporate is installed on the Terminal Server. Licensing is per User Account.

All versions of GamBlock® Corporate block all forms of online gambling

GamBlock® Platinum

GamBlock® Platinum includes all the features of GamBlock® Gold as well as the ability to block Stock Trading and/or Sports Scores, alternative renewal messages and three or two year licences (when selected).

GamBlock® Platinum was developed at the request of customers in consultation with problem gamblers help groups and Microsoft Certified Professionals.

GamBlock® Gold

GamBlock® Gold entitles you to a higher level of customer support, alternative or no messages when gambling activity is detected, variable countdown times, changeable passwords, automatic updates, keep count of gambling activity, site submissions and can be controlled by the person who installs GamBlock® Gold via the GamBlock® Features (which appears on the desktop) password.

GamBlock® Gold allows the person who installs GamBlock® Gold to conduct research using the GamBlock® Features. GamBlock® resumes normal operation after the person who installs GamBlock® Gold has completed their work. This feature is ideal for people who wish to protect others.

GamBlock® Silver

When a site is blocked a message is displayed.

Enhanced diagnostics when a sixty-second countdown begins when gambling attempts persist.

For an explanation of how GamBlock® works, see "How it works".


To download the Gamblock® Corporate version, please click on the 'Download' link below.