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Will GamBlock® help me?



In 2000 we tried for well over a year to find sponsorship to support a free product that was designed to provide a social service. Unfortunately, the indifferent response we received, forced us to start charging in order to cover costs.

As GamBlock® has grown we have remained committed to helping individuals. In order to reach this goal you must follow our instructions.

GamBlock® is continually tested by independent Microsoft Certified Professionals and CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Technicians (Wintel Hardware and Microsoft Windows operating systems).

You will find that GamBlock® functions exactly as described on our website if the instructions under the heading "To get the most from GamBlock®" on our download pages are followed and Check my PC is used to help us help you remove crimeware.

We are in constant communication with gamblers’ help organizations and understand the need for technical support that goes over and above what other software companies provide. Customers who do not follow our instructions impede our ability to assist others in need of genuine help. As all correspondence is read and responded to by a staff member, except where noted, it is unsustainable to provide ongoing technical support where our instructions are not followed.

GamBlock® was created to help people. Please work with us so that we can help you.