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The Facts on Gambling

Gambling harm brings financial ruin, broken relationships and destroyed careers. This disturbing trend is spiralling as time goes on.

What can you do to prevent Internet Gambling on your premises?

GamBlock® is the only answer.

What is GamBlock®?

GamBlock® prevents all gambling facilities on the Internet including mobile phone and device gambling. Created in 2000, GamBlock® is the first and only anti gambling PC software of its kind that works!

How does GamBlock® work?

GamBlock® searches the data in each site requested for viewing on the World Wide Web. On receiving the data it checks to see if this is a site which has gambling, wagering or betting facilities. On detection of a gambling site the browser will be shut down and a warning message displayed.

How can I purchase and install GamBlock®?

GamBlock® can be easily purchased online using a credit card via the Worldpay system. Once downloaded just follow the instructions and prompts provided.

What versions of GamBlock® are available?

GamBlock® Corporate is ideally suited to a corporate environment. GamBlock® Personal provides the home user(s) protection from online gambling.

What are our customers saying?

"I've had 'GamBlock' installed for 18 days and the 'release' and 'relief' I feel are priceless… No more mental battles!… I got a 'life' again. Thank You!!" Bryn, North Wales, UK.

Product Support

GamBlock® is continually tested and updated by independent Microsoft Certified Professionals and CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Technicians (Wintel Hardware andMicrosoft Windows operating systems).