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Banned Myself from Gambling

Thanks for your replies! I installed gamblock and tested it seems to work perfectly! I m so delighted to have found it!

I had a problem with internet gambling about 3 years ago but stopped until last week when I installed casino software and started losing money again. I did Google searches for website filtering software and was thrilled when I discovered gamblock! It s exactly what I wanted and a great idea!! I m so glad I found it before I lost a lot of money. What a relief! I voluntarily banned myself from all nearby casinos almost a year ago and figured I would have to voluntarily ban myself from gambling on the internet eventually.

You have probably saved people many, many tens of thousands of dollars!!!

Compulsive gambling is such a hard, hard thing to deal with my grandpa gambled away everything in the Depression-and he had 4 kids, and my niece has a gambling problem too. The only thing that s REALLY worked for me is getting myself banned from casinos. I would be surprised if I have lost less then $40,000 during the 5 or so years since casinos opened in my area (the state of Washington in the northwest US). Banning has worked GREAT and has given me my life back!! And gamblock is a way to ban myself from casinos on the internet!!


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