Cartoon and Poem

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Cartoon and Poem

Dear Gamblok and counsellors,

I used Gamblok and a self exclusion program in the UK, and had counselling in the UK, and got over my addiction; I am a writer and wrote this semi-autobiographical book about the dangers of online gambling. Your staff, counsellors and clients might find this both moving and informative, not to mention a good read. Book at link below...

During my counselling for gambling my counsellor and I discussed the insidious way in which gambling companies use the word ‘Fun’ in their warnings against gambling ‘too much’, especially in the UK where in adverts for gambling sites their slogan at the end of the advert is ‘When The fun stops, stop’, (Fun being the biggest and brightest word in the visual slogan, somewhat ironically). Which was hypocritical of the gambling companies because they know it’s about money, not fun, but they still put this slogan in their adverts. I produced this cartoon for my counsellor after our discussion about this and discussions about the fact that I regarded the gambling companies as sharks. Again your staff, clients and counsellors might find this useful.

Sharks Cartooon

Finally I was so moved at the counselling help, for gambling, that I got that I wrote this sonnet for my counsellor. (Your counsellors might like to know this poem is the effect that counselling can have for those they counsel). (Note the poem and the cartoon are copyright material)


Your Voice Is Rescue

(For Sally Anne Britton - My Counsellor)

I found myself in waters deep and dark,

The waves of loss and grief washed over me,

Your voice a flare on dark waters was the spark,

That lit my path to land from stormy seas.


A calm voice in the storm can save a soul,

A bright thought can to safety lead,

To counsel is to heal and help make whole,

To give what is required to those in need.


I now find myself safely led to land,

And though I fear the sea will yet claim me,

The echoes of your wise words help me stand,

On rocks of safety sure in a dark sea.


You are the lifeboat to those lost at sea,

You rescue and bring home the lost like me.


Richard L Wiseman Copyright 2021 (c) All rights reserved.


I hope all of these creative things are of some inspiration for you and help you understand how counsellors, organisations and companies like yours, with gambling blocking software, have a positive influence on the lives of addicted people.

Best Wishes

Richard L Wiseman (Author, Poet, Philosopher, Theologian, Artist and Reformed Gambler).