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GamBlock® Saving Lives and Marriages

Your product may very well be saving lives and marriages. I am addicted to online casinos and I didn't know when to stop no matter how much money I was losing. It was so easy to write another online e-check...even though I would have to scramble to cover it before it hit the bank. I was always in pursuit of that big win that would get me out of debt. I learned about your product through a member of an online gambler's self-help group, and I immediately bought and installed it. It is a lifesaver. Even though I am weak...and I know I'd be gambling right now if I could...your product says "NO". Thank God someone realized that a product to stop the gambler from playing online had to be irrevocable...un-reversible...and final. Thanks very much! You may use this email to solicit your product if you wish...excluding my email address of course. I hope more people who need this product will find it!


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