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GamBlock® Corporate for Windows


GamBlock® Corporate protects staff, students and visitors

GamBlock® Corporate gives businesses, government departments, colleges, libraries and other institutions the assurance that online gambling cannot be conducted from their facilities by their staff, students or visitors.

GamBlock® Corporate uses sophisticated analyses that block new gambling sites and software. After your system administrator has installed GamBlock® Corporate, a potentially vulnerable time for staff, students or visitors is eliminated.


GamBlock® Corporate is deployed and controlled by a system administrator. The system administrator copies GamBlock® Corporate to a folder on each workstation that company non-administrators cannot access.

Internet Cafes

You may wish to use a server orientated deployment product such as Altiris if you are using a large number of computers.

Thin Clients

GamBlock® Corporate is installed on the Terminal Server. Licensing is per User Account.


  • Customized to suit business needs
  • High support
  • Blocks irrespective of government legislation bypass software
  • Heuristic blocking blocks new gambling sites and apps
  • Blocks gambling on Facebook
  • Does not block non-gambling pages on Facebook
  • Blocks by page, not site
  • Blocks onion gambling
  • Does not block onion surfing
  • Blocks proxy gambling
  • Does not block proxy surfing
  • Cannot be circumvented by Virtual Private Networks
  • Does not block Virtual Private Networks
  • Blocks gambling apps completely
  • Not reliant on cloud based connection speed

GamBlock® Platinum

GamBlock® Platinum entitles you to all the features of GamBlock® Gold as well as:

  • Block sports scores
  • Block stock trading
  • Alternative renewal messages


GamBlock® Gold

  • Option for alternative messages when gambling is blocked
  • Option for no messages when gambling is blocked
  • Variable message times
  • Keeps count of blocks
  • Allows research when installed by someone other than the person being protected
  • Blocking can be submitted for analysis


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