Self-Exclusion - Installed by a person who needs immediate protection for their Samsung device/s.

Cannot be removed during a protection period.

Blocks online gambling worldwide.

A gambling blocking Android app, targeted specifically for Samsung.

GamBlock® for Help Organisations

  • Cannot be removed by deactivating as a device administrator, uninstalling and restarting
  • Cannot be bypassed by installing a proxy like Orbot
  • Cannot be circumvented by bypassing or removing a Virtual Private Network
  • Not reliant on a cloud
  • No one else is required
  • Easy transfer to new device
  • Easy to add protection time
  • Blocks calls to and from gambling vendors as well as texts
  • Easily installs with a few touches
  • Google Play is fully functional
  • Settings are accessible
  • Factory reset is blocked
  • Blocks irrespective of government legislation bypass software
  • Heuristic blocking blocks new gambling sites and apps
  • Easily uninstalls after protection period


App Intelligence

  • Highly customised app blocking experience
  • Customisable irreversible levels of app blocking
  • Option to block all new app installs, except apps approved by GamBlock®.
  • Customisable for individual preferences
  • Sandbox mode for secure operations
  • Customise app blocking according to personal preferences
  • Block gambling sites on Android, with the full power of Samsung.



  • Completely hidden from others
  • Displays a generic earth globe icon
  • Does not mention GamBlock® when messages are displayed to the user
  • Navigates to your home page when gambling is blocked
  • GamBlock® icons are not displayed
  • Quickly unhide and hide GamBlock® settings


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