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GamBlock® Small Business for Windows


GamBlock® Small Business for Windows gives full protection for those who wish to self-exclude. It can also be managed by another staff member.

GamBlock® Small Business for Windows cannot be removed from a work computer during a protection period.

GamBlock® Small Business for Windows blocks online gambling worldwide irrespective of network.


  • Customized to suit business needs
  • High support
  • No one else need be present
  • Can be completely hidden
  • Factory reset is blocked
  • Blocks irrespective of government legislation bypass software
  • Heuristic blocking blocks new gambling sites and apps
  • Blocks gambling on Facebook
  • Does not block non-gambling pages on Facebook
  • Blocks by page, not site
  • Keeps blocking if the the hosts file is disabled
  • Blocks onion gambling
  • Does not block onion surfing
  • Blocks proxy gambling
  • Does not block proxy surfing
  • Cannot be circumvented by Virtual Private Networks
  • Does not block Virtual Private Networks
  • Blocks gambling apps completely
  • Not reliant on cloud based connection speed
  • Easily installs
  • Easily uninstalls after protection period


GamBlock® Titanium

GamBlock® Titanium entitles you to all the features of GamBlock® Platinum as well as:

  • Block per User Account
  • Block by User Account type
  • Change the level of blocking while preventing all gambling
  • Make exceptions for gambling industry staff


GamBlock® Platinum

GamBlock® Platinum entitles you to all the features of GamBlock® Gold as well as:

  • Block sports scores
  • Block stock trading
  • Alternative renewal messages


GamBlock® Gold

  • Option for alternative messages when gambling is blocked
  • Option for no messages when gambling is blocked
  • Variable message times
  • Keeps count of blocks
  • Allows research when installed by someone other than the person being protected
  • Blocking can be submitted for analysis

Customer Support

High Support

What we do:

We have been helping people since 2000 and understand the situations that can occur in a workplace and the discretion required that may be required with other staff members. We provide Remote Support to connect to your device and can talk with you to resolve a device issue. We will call you back if we are helping other people, rather than leave you hanging on the phone.

What we don't do:

Ask you to press 1 to put you on hold and tell you that there is currently a high volume of calls until you eventually go through to the wrong department at a call centre. When you finally get through to the supposedly correct department, after being asked to repeat the same information numerous times, you are told that the person who can help you is on leave.


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