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Ethical Antivirus

People requested that we block Windows System Restore to prevent them gambling. We then created a system whereby restore points could be made with GamBlock® installed. We also added the ability to roll back if an antivirus product caused issues. Once the issue was resolved, restore points could be made with GamBlock® installed. This immediately caused antivirus software to flag GamBlock® as malicious. We explained that we are not anti-gambling as our only objective was to save people from the gates of prison, insanity or death as described by Gamblers Anonymous. Most antivirus companies understood that our purpose was ethical and updated their software accordingly. Unfortunately, some did not.

People later requested that we block Reset this PC / factory reset to prevent them gambling. Once again this caused false positives. Some antivirus companies refused point blank to help people harmed by gambling and explained that their technical staff "think in black and white". At each point as people have requested for GamBlock® security to be increased, there have been more incorrect detections with antivirus companies. Some do not respond at all and some have taken five weeks to respond to the authorities. Meanwhile, people harmed by gambling who use these antivirus products suffer, some being children. Many full removal tools from these companies do not fully remove their antivirus products, causing further issues with their Windows computers.

Our files are approved by Microsoft prior to release and are digitally signed. Microsoft has always been very helpful and understands that we are only trying to help people with ethical software. We recommend using Microsoft Windows Security. Microsoft Antivirus is free and is already installed with Windows.

One of the most concerning phone calls I ever had was with a father whose son had gone to prison after holding up a bank. With children as young as twelve receiving gambling harm counseling and many children under fifteen gambling, I urge all antivirus companies to work with us in helping people harmed by gambling.

David Warr

Creator of GamBlock®