How does a person harmed by gambling become a desperate gambler?

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How does a person harmed by gambling become a desperate gambler?

There are many ways a person harmed by gambling can become a desperate gambler. In my experience of talking with people harmed by gambling for many years while providing technical help, they tell me it can be a combination of ubiquitous gambling advertising, loneliness, low-self-esteem and substance abuse.

In desperation, the gambling harm's issues can sky-rocket when they borrow from and fall out with family and friends. The loved ones of these people tell us they want their now desperate gambler and loved one to abstain from gambling. Many people come to us when they are completely desperate.

A Florey Institute study showed alcohol addicted rats' brains lit up the minute they sniffed alcohol, even after long periods away from alcohol. Similarly, even after long breaks abstaining from gambling, for the reforming desperate gambler, one "whiff" of gambling sends them into hyperdrive.

By blocking access to online gambling, GamBlock® readily helps the desperate gambler on their path to reform.

It is always preferable when people come to us early on. Those who do, often live happy lives much earlier. Those who leave it longer to reach out can still lead happy lives but it generally takes a lot longer for these people to get back on track.

Along with GamBlock® blocking all gambling, a really good strategy people have found is to use an ad blocker or services that remove all advertising, such as YouTube Premium. This way they are not exposed to the lure of gambling advertising that is so prevalent in many countries and reminders of "the old me".

Some desperate gamblers have told me they have had learning difficulties, while others are from academic or high-powered businesses backgrounds. A major concern of mine is how many of our customers work in the financial service industry and are handling other peoples' money.

David Warr

Creator of GamBlock®

GamBlock® believes responsible gambling and harm reduction suits the majority of people. GamBlock® is not anti-gambling – it supports responsible gambling and harm reduction for those it can help.